The International Journal of Arts and Sciences’ (IJAS) academic conference in Paris (11-14 April 2016) will once again be hosted by FIAP Jean Monnet (30 rue Cabanis, 75014 Paris). The location is within walking proximity of the Saint-Jacques and Glacière metro stations. The buses for the educational tours will be parked on rue de la Santé, about 250 meters from the FIAP building.

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Eid G. Abo Hamza,

I have a Ph.D. in Counselor Education from the University of Arkansas (CACREP accredited) in May 2011 which qualified me to work as both a counselor and educationalist.

Research is one of my experience and job that I did in University of Arkansas, USA. I have been involved in many projects for the university in and out of university of Arkansas such as a preventive interventions for victims of peer aggression in school, project about wellness of international students, math anxiety among student in different majors, forgiveness and infidelity, and addiction treatment researches …etc Additionally, I have worked with school of education in The Need Achievement (N-ACH) Project, at University of Arkansas in evaluation learning process in Fayetteville public schools, and analyzing data using SPSS and SAS programs.

Teaching is one of my passions and it reflects brightly in my interactions with students as well as in my student evaluation scores. Like counselling, for me teaching comes out of the overflow of who I am and requires modeling the material, not just simply conveying the information. Now I am teaching in faculty of education, University of Hull, UK. I am doing supervising on postgraduate students who doing their degree in the field of education and special education. Additionally I am working as international student co-coordinator.

It is about being a counselor and not just going through the motions of doing counseling. This requires me as a counselor educator to take on a proactive, personal, and reflective process as I partner with students in their journey to be the most genuine and skilled counselor they can be. Within the classroom, I work to meet students’ learning needs through a variety of teaching and delivery methods. I have training and experience with online learning formats (including Blackboard) as well as in-class technology such as PowerPoint and Smart boards. It is important to me to incorporate a variety of teaching methods so that students of every learning style may connect with the material. This includes incorporating lecture, experiential activities, interactive exercises, reflective assignments, and group work as appropriate.

Before my PhD I worked for Tanta University, Egypt for 8 years. I worked as a lecturer; I was teaching for both graduate and post graduate students courses. Additionally, during that time I supervised many master students from Egypt and from different Arabic countries. Throughout the Ph.D. process, I have had the opportunity to work as a teaching assistant at the University of Arkansas. Through these experiences I have taught a variety of both graduate and postgraduate courses that focus on listening and helping skills to students who are going into helping fields through the use of micro-skills and self-as-instrument development. Also, I taught projection techniques, developmental psychology, mental health counseling, and special education courses. On the graduate level, I have taught and/or co-taught courses in counseling techniques (skill development), clinical practicum, Crisis management, and foundations of counseling (including counseling theories). Additionally, I have also worked as the group counselor for the Masters' students going through their group counseling course. Coursework I have chosen to pursue, outside of the counseling courses, has included courses in international curriculum, special education assessment, and multicultural education. In addition to, I have worked for two years at university of Arkansas as a student developmental specialist at Student support Services. My roles was advising, counseling and teaching skills. Additionally, my counseling electives have included courses in advanced family systems, sexuality, and addiction counseling.

I believe that I bring with me a variety of clinical experiences that include group and individual work with adults and adolescents in a variety of settings